About us

The Bulgarian Airlines Association was established at the beginning of 2002 to express the interests of most of the airline carriers in the country. The founders of BAA are major Bulgarian air companies performing approximately 80 % of the totality of the airline carriages of the country. The Association is a loyal partner of all state institutions in their efforts to promote the development of the Bulgarian civil aviation.

The active collaboration of our experts has been resorted to in the elaboration of the legal and sub delegated legal basis in our country, as well as in the incorporation of most of the EU acquis before and after the accession of Bulgaria to the Union.

As a nationally represented employer’s organization – member of the Bulgarian Union of Private Bulgarian Entrepreneurs ‘Vazrazhdane’, we work in collaboration with the Bulgarian Industrial Association, with the Ministry of Transport in the Social Partnership Sector Council and in other consultative bodies. We are also represented in the National Council on Tourism.

With regard to the application of Directive 2008/101/EC of 19 November 2008 to amend Directive 2003/87/EC the Association has taken part in a joint committee on the elaboration of the normative basis in Bulgaria to apply the Directive.

The Association participates on the principle of rotation in the National Council on Tourism chaired by the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism.

The major goal of the Association, as envisaged in its statute, is to contribute to the improvement of the safety of flights and the effectiveness of aviation activities, to the promotion and broadening of positions and to the protection of the interests of the Bulgarian air companies, as well as of the public and state interests relating to their activity.

The purposes of the Association, envisaged in its programme, ensue from this broader context:

• To collaborate actively providing experts, expert opinions, information materials, etc. in the process of elaborating legislative amendments in the field of civil aviation.

• To express the position of the Association on the preparation of legislative decisions.

• The Association raises the issue of the necessity to draw up a National Strategy on the development of aviation transport in Bulgaria and is willing to co-operate on all levels for its elaboration and implementation.

• The Association helps restoring the market positions of Bulgarian carriers after the EU safety clause has dropped by encouraging them to co-operate through general pooling (as regards fuels, maintenance of flight equipment, usage of kitchen utensils), executing flights under joint flight numbers, etc.

• The Association identifies itself before state bodies, the public, organizations, economic operators and the media as a representative of Bulgarian air companies.

• The Association seeks, on behalf of its members, to maintain appropriate relations and interactions with state institutions, bodies and their representatives in fields relating to civil aviation.

• BAA takes great efforts to abide by the rules of loyal competition.

• In order to better the positions of its members in their relations with aviation equipment manufacturers, lease contractors, suppliers, insurance companies, etc. the Association facilitates the improvement of links with them.

• The Association contributes to the better understanding on behalf of maintenance firms of the needs, problems and demands of air companies, as well as to setting higher standards and improving the conditions for maintenance.

• One of the tools at the disposal of BAA is the organization and holding of conferences and discussion workshops on topics of interest to its members.

• The Association maintains relations and interacts with other branch organizations, foreign and international organizations and aviation associations in order to help its members in their activities.

• The Association prepares and publishes in the media information materials, annual analyses, expert opinions, materials on its activities and on those of its members.